Internet of Things and Blockchain Training Course



The aim of the training is to introduce into the world of the Internet of Things (smart solutions) and blockchain as well as to show the advantages and disadvantages of these technological worlds.

During the training, you will get acquainted with the existing, ready-made tools thanks to which you can implement these smart solutions in your company (contrary to appearances – it does not have to be very difficult) and you will gain the ability to consciously choose the best solutions.

By learning about practical examples of both IoT and Blockchain applications, you will gain unique skills related to smart technologies on the Polish market (e.g. you will learn good practices related to implementation).

You will gain specific knowledge – technical and business – that will allow you to find yourself in the technological market, you will learn practical tips necessary to start a conscious digital transformation and you will gain knowledge that will strengthen your business skills in the smart area.

The training will be especially useful:

  • for managers who want to know the business benefits of adapting smart solutions,
  • for people who want to strengthen their knowledge in the field of modern technologies,
  • for managers who plan to transform the company but do not know where to start and whether it is profitable,
  • for people who need specifics: how the technology works, what are its advantages and disadvantages, how much can I earn on it, how much are the costs,
  • for employees who will have to start working with smart solutions in a short time,
  • for decision-makers to be aware of what and how to talk to sellers about IoT / blockchain


  • Practical knowledge gained in large-scale projects
  • Technical and business perspective
  • Common pitfalls and best practices


General understanding of IoT or Blockchain.

Course Outline

What is the Internet of Things?

What stacks / layers / elements does the IoT consist of?

  • UX layer
  • Technological layer
  • Market layer
  • Business layer
  • Physical Layer

What’s your business?

  • What you need to know before a smart transformation
  • How to conduct an effective assessment and audit of your company?
  • What to look for when choosing a manufacturer / buying IoT?

What is blockchain technology and where is it used?

  • Is blockchain for me?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of blockchain integration – on the example of a specific company

What is the essence of communication and what acronyms do you need to know to freely navigate the world of blockchain / IoT?

  • dApp,
  • RPC,
  • MQTT,
  • COAP

What is the interoperability problem (why some devices don’t work with others)?

  • Open IoT solutions
  • Closed IoT solutions

What are the problems with smart devices and blockchain?

  • User Experience
  • Legislation
  • Ethics
  • Work methodology

How to use IoT and blockchain (example):

  • Amazon (order blockchain)
  • MediLedger network (medical blockchain)
  • Alibaba / Walmart (nutritional blockchain)
  • Wien Energie (city blockchain)
  • Everledger (blockchain of diamonds and precious resources)
  • Deloitte (order blockchain)

Which supplier to choose (overview of available companies in the USA, Europe and Asia)?

  • FlowChain,
  • SkeyNetwork,
  • others

What is the idea of ​​tokenization?

How – in terms of IoT – are they different …?

  • Microsoft,
  • AWS,
  • Google

Q&A session






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